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Hills Native Art Gallery

Hills Native Art Gallery

North America’s Largest
Northwest Coast Native Art Gallery

Welcome to a world of storytelling, graphic art, painting, print making, scultpture, textiles, leather-work, knit work and so much more... welcome to the rich tapestry of cultures belonging to the Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast and Canada.

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Eagle and Orca Totem carved from argillite by Gryn White
Atlakim Portrait mask carved from red cedar and detailed with acrylic paint
This item is SOLD
This item is SOLD
Orca plaque carved by Nisga'a artist Bob Wong.
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Model Longhouse carved from argillite by Gary Minaker Russ
Raven bracelet hand carved from sterling silver by Haida/Salish artist Dwayne Simeon
Bob Wong
Wolf and Moon plaque
Bob Wong
Orca and Moon plaque
Mother Earth Totem carved from red cedar by Coast Salish artist Francis Horne Jr.
Portrait of Chief’s Daughter mask carved from red cedar and detailed with acrylic paint, cedar bark, and shell

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