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Native Artists' Biographies





A. B. C. D. E.
Alvin Adkins Eric Baker Lyle R. Campbell Douglas David Jim Edenshaw
Jomie Aipeelee Fredrick Baker Glen Casimer Glibert Dawson Jonathan Edwards
Marcus Alfred Neil Baker Ike Charlie Danny Dennis Mike Epp
Tim Alfred Wade Baker Jim Charlie Rita Dennis Andy Everson
Trevor Angus William Baker Peter Charlie Joe Descoteaux  
Kurtis Antone Courage Benally Richard Charlie Beau Dick  
Germaine Arnaktauyok Norman Bentley        Rick Charlie Richard Dicks  
Erroll Ashley Art Bolton Benjamin Chee Chee Denny Dixon  
Cicero August Cedric Bolton Rande Cook Pat Dixon  
  Gene Brabant Walter Crackle Gerry Dudoward  
  Andy Bruce Judy Cranmer Effie (Lo) Durocher  
  Dennis Bruce Nelson Cross    






F.                    G. H. I. J.
Lorne  Fineday Carmen Goertzen         Steve Lawrence Hansen Eugene  Isaac            Noah  Jaw
  Dale T. Gonzales Charles Harper Archie Ishulutak Curtis Miller Joe
  Phillip Gray Glen Harper   Maynard  Johnny Jr.
  Stan Greene Les Harper   Julie  Johnson
  Tony Gulbrandsen Quentin Harris   Brad  Joseph
    Sylvan Ambrose Hart   Charles  Joseph
    Oliver Haskell   Chris Carl Joseph
    Derek Heaton    
    Graham Henry    
    Errol Hillis    
    Douglas Horne    
    Terry Horne    
    Francis Horne Jr.    
    Francis Horne Sr.    
    Ben Houstie    
    Stan Hunt    









K. L. M. N. O.
Robert  Kelly Rocky  La Rock Robert  MacTavish Harold  Natrall Daphne  Odjig
Saila  Kipanek Aubrey  LaFortune George  Matilpi Pat  Natrall Eddie  Omnik
  Doug  LaFortune Jim  McGuire Willie  Noah  
  John  Lancaster Charles  McKay Maxine (Ioyan Mani) Noel  
  Val  Lancaster Darren  McKenzie    
  Ronald Victor Larochelle James H. Michels    
  Jacob B. Lewis Clarence  Mills    
  Greg White Lightbown Norval  Morrisseau    
  Ken  Loo      
  Andy  Louie      
  David  Louis      








P. R. S. T.
Lorrie  Pambrun Bill Reid Manual Salazar Tommy Takpannie Jr.
Len  Paquette Alfred Robertson Lionel Samuels Tommy Takpannie Sr.
Bob  Paton Jackson Robertson Alfred Scow Marvin Tallio
Chester  Patrick   Laurence Scow Emile Thibert
Tim  Pee   Leonard Scow Robert Thomas
Joanasie  Petaloosie   Raymond Scow Allen Thompson
George  Peters   Rupert Scow Kelvin Thompson
Joe Peters   Alfred Seaweed Garnet Tobacco
Gary  Peterson   Ann Seaweed  
Jimmy  Petooloosie   Patrick Paddy Seaweed  
Matthew  Petooloosie   Gino Seward  
Susan  Point   Solomon Seward  
Mark  Preston   Ralph Shaugnessy  
    Ed Simeon  
    Jay Simeon  
    Egesiak Simionie  
    Russell (Awasatlas) Smith  
    John Spence  
    Robert Stanley  
    Virgil Stanley  
    Terry Starr  
    Art Sterrit  
    Randy Stiglitz  
    Fred Stinton  
    George Storry  
    Carl Stromquist  
    August Sylvester  







V. W. Y.
Roy Henry Vickers Lloyd Wadhams Jim Yelton
  Willie Wadhams Cecil Youngfox
  Rueben Wallace  
  Stan Wamiss  
  Dalbert Weir  
  Ray Wesley  
  Gryn White  
  Jerry Whitehead  
  Cheryl (White Eagle) Williams  
  Harvey Williams  
  Nancy Williams  
  Rita Williams  
  Sanford Williams  
  Williams Family  
  Willie Brothers  
  Bill Wilson  
  Derek Wilson  
  Joe Wilson  
  Bob Wong  







Alvin Adkins

Artist First Nation Born
Alvin Adkins Haida Prince Rupert, BC, CANADA, 1959

Alvin Adkins was born on January 19th, 1959 in Prince Rupert, British Columbia.  He is of the Raven Clan in the Haida Nation, and one of the most brilliant and impressive artists of the coast. Known best for his exquisitely carved jewellery, Alvin also creates silkscreen serigraphs which are remarkable for their purity and strength of design.

Alvin has been counselled by distinguished colleagues such as Dempsey Bob, Fre


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