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Williams Family

The Williams Family is part of Nuu-cha-nulth (nootka) Nation - a tribe that inhabits the Western Coast of Vancouver Island.

The name Nootka means 'People of the Islands'.

Within this large family of twelve members, seven carve on a full-time basis and make it their livelihood.

A William's totem pole is characterized by bright traditional colours of green, yellow, red, brown, white and black.

Heads are large with blank eyes staring straight ahead.

Unlike totem poles carved in one piece, a Willams' pole will feature add-on bits such

as sun rays, whale fins, wings or beaks.

The Thunderbird - a high ranging prestige crest - dominates the top of almost all their pieces.

These figures represent supernatural beings with frightening overtones, who are known

to live hidden inside their houses or nearby in the forest.


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