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North America's Largest
Northwest Coast Native Art Gallery

Welcome to a world of storytelling, graphic art, painting, print making, sculpture, textiles, leather-work, knit work and so much more...welcome to the rich tapestry of cultures belonging to the Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast and Canada.


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Pendleton Blankets are in!!!
Travel Pack of Wild Smoked Sockeye Salmon (227g)

Cooked and ready to serve.  This wonderful taste of Canada is beautifully packaged in a decorative envelope for ease of travel and gift giving.

Grizzly Bear by Roy Henry Vickers

This beautifully painted Grizzly Bear box design is from 1982 and is one of a number of Vickers originals that have been recently released from Hill’s private collection and made available for purchase.

Owl totem by Francis Horne Sr.

The Owl is called  the Night Eagle because of its keen vision. This gives the Owl totem a special connection to the night and the moon. The Owl is the harbinger of truth, particularly to self, and a creature that brings magic on its wings.


Hawkman Rattle by Stanley Clifford Hunt

A fantastic rattle by the renowned Stanley Clifford Hunt.

Orca (Aqua) by Jim Charlie

Every piece of Jim's work is considered a coveted collector''s item. Orca is a popular symbol for romance as they mate for life.

Fool Mask by Joe Peters

This Fool mask by the late Joe Peters has recently been made available. The Kwagiulth believed the Halibut threw off its skin and fins to emerge as the first Human after the Great Flood subsided.

Sun Mask by Earl Lewis

A Northwest coast masterpiece, created around 40 years ago. This incredible Sun mask has only just been made available.



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