Native culture


Here are some of the many things you will find showcased on our website:

From the First Nations of the Northwest Coast we have masks; totems; bentwood boxes; sculptures; wall panels; hand-carved gold, silver and copper jewelery; original paintings; limited edition prints; glass works; feast dishes; talking sticks; baskets; rattles; drums, and our world-famous Cowichan knits.

From the First Nations of Canada's Plains we have beaded work; original paintings, and drums.

From the First Nations of the Woodlands region in Manitoba and Ontario we have original paintings and limited edition prints.

From the Inuit artists in Canada's North we have carvings from stone, bone and antler as well as prints and paintings.

Canada's First Nations have a long history of gift-giving, and at long last their gifts are being given to the entire world.

Please browse the short biographies of these talented artists to learn more about them, and also learn more about the symbolism that goes into their art.