Welcome Canoe silkscreen print by Art Thompson (August 1978)

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Welcome Canoe silkscreen print by Art Thompson (August 1978)

Edition of 100

Measures: 14 3/4” x 22”

"Living in a Marine oriented existence, the people of the West Coast of Vancouver Island were, in earlier times, entirely dependent on their canoes.The sleek craft, hewn from a single cedar log, were designed and built for long distance travel as well as local mobility. The people had summer villages in coves and bays close to the open Pacific, and traveled by canoe to fishing grounds, for sealing, whale hunting,visiting and trading, and the gathering of many other food and material resources.

With the approach of bad weather, families loaded their canoes and moved back to their winter villages up the inlets, sheltered by the high mountains. They took with them foods gathered and preserved throughout the summer, assured to the adequate supply to see them through the winter.

In recognition of the importance of the canoe, Art Thomson created a series of four limited edition silkscreen prints depicting some of the major uses of the cedar dugout in the life of his people in earlier times. He upholds the traditional art style of the West Coast while introducing a contemporary flair for illustration. These charming and unusual works of art carry with them the artist’s knowledge and respect for the old ways of a people who were one with the sea.”


Text by Hilary stewart, author of ”Canadian Fishing, early methods on the Northwest coast”.