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Hills Native Art Gallery

Hills Native Art Gallery

Geeahcum Mask
by Gene Brabant

Geeahcum is the male embodiment of Dzunukwa, and reserved for Chiefs when distributing potlatch gifts. This mask was carved from red cedar and detailed with acrylic paint, horse hair and cotton by Cree artist Gene Brabant.
Dimensions: 18 inches high by 13 wide and 8 deep

Text inscription on inside of mask: A Chief stands to speak, he has shown his privileges to the people and he explains their history to assure that no one questions his right to them. “Take care, take care Chiefs” he warns so that all know that the honour of his family is protected by the Copper he holds across the chest, a Copper with a feared name cut often and patched after vanquishing Chiefs of the past who trifled with its owner. The speaking Chief takes up his Gikaml Chief’s Mask glistening grafite black with thick mane of shaggy hair It is the face of the Dzunukwa repeating his angry warning then becomes Dzunukwa shouting through the round everted mouth. HA’ A’A’A’A’A’A’ O’O’O’O’, the paralyzing cry of the Wealth and Powergiver, dark monster of the forest grafite dark framed face. The speaker cradles the mask and finishes his speach in the shadows of the house the Chiefs and their Ma’mims listen… “Smokey Top” Bill Holm circa 82 “The Geahcum” (The male Dzunukwa Chiefs mask) - Gene Brabant

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