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Genuine Handmade Cowichan Sweater

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Genuine Cowichan sweaters handmade by Coast Salish knitters. These traditional designs are usually available: Eagle; Whale; Deer; Salmon, and Snowflake. Other designs may occasionally be available, including: Bison; Thunderbird; Raven; Hummingbird, and Frog. Please indicate the design you prefer, and an alternate in case your first pick is not available.

To get the best fit please provide the following measurements:
measure along your back from the base of your neck to where you want the sweater to hang.
measure the circumference of your chest, from under your arms across the front of your upper chest and around your back.
measure from under your arm down to the spot on your wrist where you want the sleeve to end.
Include these measurements along with your height and weight in the comment area of the order form when you check out. You may also use this area for any additional notes (i.e. preference for a roomier or a snugger fit). We will do our best to locate the perfect fitting sweater for you!


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