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Retirement Sale

*Totem Poles 20% off

*(Discount has been taken off and price is as shown)

Bear with Salmon by Francis Horne Jr.

Bear is the protector of the animal kingdom, awakening the power of the unconscious. A Provider Symbol of abundance and prosperity, the salmon was the chief sustenance for the West Coast Natives.

Was: $7,800.00
Now: $6,240.00
Owl with Owlet Totem Pole by Salish artist Francis Horne Sr.

The Owl is the harbinger of truth, particularly to self, and a creature that brings magic on its wings.

Was: $6,800.00
Now: $5,440.00
Eagle And Copper Totem by Francis Horne Jr.

Single-figure totem carved by Coast Salish artist Francis Horne Jr.

Was: $3,800.00
Now: $3,040.00
Killer Whale Totem Pole by Peter Prevost

Killer Whale Totem carved from red cedar by Peter Prevost.

Was: $6,400.00
Now: $5,120.00
Tears of Knowledge by Francis Horne Jr.

Carved from red cedar and detailed with gold paint.

Was: $3,900.00
Now: $3,120.00