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Retirement Sale

*Totem Poles 20% off

*(Discount has been taken off and price is as shown)

Raven and Beaver by Peter Charlie

Carved from red cedar

Was: $215.00
Now: $172.00
Bear with Salmon by Francis Horne Jr.

Bear is the protector of the animal kingdom, awakening the power of the unconscious. A Provider Symbol of abundance and prosperity, the salmon was the chief sustenance for the West Coast Natives.

Was: $7,800.00
Now: $6,240.00
Owl with Owlet Totem Pole by Salish artist Francis Horne Sr.

The Owl is the harbinger of truth, particularly to self, and a creature that brings magic on its wings.

Was: $6,800.00
Now: $5,440.00
Eagle And Copper Totem by Francis Horne Jr.

Single-figure totem carved by Coast Salish artist Francis Horne Jr.

Was: $3,800.00
Now: $3,040.00
Killer Whale Totem Pole by Peter Prevost

Killer Whale Totem carved from red cedar by Peter Prevost.

Was: $6,400.00
Now: $5,120.00
Tears of Knowledge by Francis Horne Jr.

Carved from red cedar and detailed with gold paint.

Was: $3,900.00
Now: $3,120.00