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*Inuit Art 30% off

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Walking Bear by Noah Jaw
Was: $745.00
Now: $521.50
Bear by Tony Oqulaq (Cape Dorset)
Was: $375.00
Now: $262.50
Swan by Tony Curley (Cape Dorset)
Was: $195.00
Now: $136.50
Loon by Qiatsuq Shaa (Cape Dorset)
Was: $195.00
Now: $136.50
Bear by Kakee Peter (Cape Dorset)
Was: $425.00
Now: $297.50
Bird by Nowdlak Noah (Cape Dorset)
Was: $216.00
Now: $151.20
Loon by Lucassie Etungat (Iqaluit)
Was: $295.00
Now: $206.50
Seal by Andrew Nuluk (Inukjuak)
Was: $110.00
Now: $77.00
Whale by Isaac Ohataq (Cape Dorset)
Was: $700.00
Now: $490.00
Inukshuk by Kov Parr
Was: $185.00
Now: $129.50
Bear by Johnny Kilabuk
Was: $144.00
Now: $100.80
Muskox 1998 by Kupapik Ningeocheak
Was: $625.00
Now: $437.50
Owls by Lucassie Etungat
This item is SOLD
Sedna by Jaco Ishultak
Was: $1,900.00
Now: $1,330.00
Spirit by Tukuki Manomie
This item is SOLD
Spirit by Tukikie Monomie
Was: $1,150.00
Now: $805.00