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The Story Is In The Soil T-Shirt by Andy Everson
"Skulls bring up a wide gamut of emotions in people. Each and every one represents a life lived and a life lost. We honour that our ancestors are now in the ground. They surround us. The story is in the soil." - Andy Everson
Spirit of The Raven T-Shirt by Haida artist Marcel Russ
"Raven brings you new perspective on life's path."
Sun T-shirt by Haisla, Heiltsuk artist Paul Windsor
"The sun is the source of growth and energy."
Octopus T-Shirt by Marcel Russ, Haida
"The octopus is magical and a master of disguise."
Deer T-Shirt by Simone Diamond, Coast Salish
"Deer are gentle, and teach us to be agile and alert."
Orca Family T-Shirt by Paul Windsor Haisla, Heiltsuk
"The orca family represents connection and strength."
Eagle Whale T-Shirt by Roger Smith, Haida
"Strength from the water and the skies."