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Spirit of Dzelarhons by Doug Lafortune Sr.

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In this elegant and emotive mask Coast Salish master carver Doug Lafortune has captured the essence of a poignant moment in spirituality that exists both in the past and present. The story of Volcano woman is the ultimate metaphor for the need to respect nature, as it tells of the tragic results one nation encountered when that respect had not been shown. After a group of youths abuse and kill a small frog one night, a crying woman is seen wandering through their village asking for vengeance in the death of 'her son'. The Elders of the village call her a crazy woman and chase her away, but, unknown to them, she is the spiritual embodiment of the giant volcano, looming above the village. Exacting her own revenge against the disrespectful villagers, the woman's tears turn to lava, as the volcano erupts violently and destroys the village, killing everyone. This beautiful mask depicts Shaman of the Frog people, in the midst of a trance and communicating with the frog spirit, while paying homage to Volcano woman, who taught humanity to respect the power of the natural world.

Carved from red cedar.

Measures: 21.5" x 16" x 12.5"



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