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Tree of Life II Blanket


The joyful "Tree of Life" pattern is a traditional Navajo rug pictorial design first seen in the 1840s and still woven today.

Twin 64" x 80" (163 x 203 cm)

Unnapped, felt bound
82% pure virgin wool / 18% cotton
Dry clean
Made in USA

The image is an ancient and universal one among the peoples of the world. Native American weaving patterns vary somewhat but our blanket interpretation is true to the common elements always included. A tree or young corn stalk is host to a bevy of bright birds. Corn, a Native American staple for centuries, represents life and abundance. Often, as in our blanket design, the “tree” springs from a wedding basket. Tradition says that the many colourful birds represent the children of the marriage. Like most “Tree of Life” rugs, our blanket has a plain, solid-colour border. Material colour may vary from photograph


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