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Pine Lodge Blanket


Pine Lodge reminds us of gatherings at the family cabin in the great pine woods.

Twin 64" x 80" (163 x 203 cm)

Felt bound
82% wool / 18% cotton
Dry Clean
Made in the USA

It brings us back to a time for life’s simpler pleasures. Mornings of waking with the birds, slipping a canoe into the rippling waters of a cool river, casting a line for brook trout, or frying up the daily catch in a special skillet seasoned by years of use. Afternoons of hiking, catching the scent of the majestic pines, hearing needles crunch underfoot on a woodsy path and keeping an eye out for the majestic wildlife that calls the forest home. Nights are spent telling tall tales around the camp fire, enfolded in cool night air with the stars shining overhead. Material colour may vary from photograph