Genuine Handmade Cowichan Sweater

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Call/Email For Pricing

Please email the store directly ( so one of our sales associates can work with you to get the best individual fit.  Please include your measurements, as described below.

  • Length: measure along your back from the base of your neck to where you want the sweater to hang.
  • Chest: measure the circumference of your chest, from under your arms across the front of your upper chest and around your back.
  • Sleeve: measure from under your arm down to the spot on your wrist where you want the sleeve to end.
  • Height / Weight

Prices vary depending on size, $345-$425

Genuine Cowichan sweaters handmade by Coast Salish knitters. These traditional designs are usually available: Eagle; Whale; Deer; Salmon, and Snowflake. Other designs may occasionally be available, including: Bison; Thunderbird; Raven; Hummingbird, and Frog.