Coastal Bears by Keith Vincent Scott



Coastal Bears by Keith Vincent Scott


Publisher Hancock House Publishers (2006)

80 Pages

Grizzly bears can climb trees; black bears can be brown -- or even white, and some coastal bears will not hibernate at all. These facts, and the vibrant photographs of bears, underscore The Bear Man's true message, which is: Learn how to behave around bears; know proper 'bear manners' and you -- and the bear -- will survive an encounter. Armed with just bear spray and the knowledge he has acquired in nearly forty years of studying bears in their natural habitat, Keith Scott hikes the wilds of Canada and Alaska, looking for bears, living where they live. His adventures and experience have made him a specialist on bear habitats and behavior, and his commitment is to teach people about these misunderstood and magnificent animals. The Bear Man says, 'Bear safety isn't important until an incident occurs. I teach bear safety so incidents won't occur.’